Adoption Lawyers in St. Peters, Missouri

Adoption is among the more satisfying and enjoyable work that attorneys do. It can be a long process, but nothing is more worthwhile.

Adoptions are increasing in type and number, with step-parent adoption the most common in St. Louis County and St. Charles County. The crucial factor in any adoption is the willingness of both birth parents to relinquish parental rights, and consent to the adoption. Courts are reluctant to terminate birth parents' rights without their consent. Extreme circumstances such as "unfitness" of birth parents must be found.

Aside from consent, the process of adopting a child involves various fees, procedures, background checks, home studies, and regulations.

Step-parent Adoption

Step-parent adoption involves one birth parent and his or her new spouse. The other birth parent must consent. Generally, he or she has no interest in supporting or parenting the child.

These benefit all parties, and these are easier than most adoptions. There is no need for a home study or background check as other adopting parents must undergo. If all parties consent, the adoption can proceed and provide the child with inheritance rights and employee benefits from the nonbirth parent. Without formal adoption, the birth-parent spouse could die and the other spouse would have no formal rights or relationship with the child.

Agency adoptions

Adoption agencies in Missouri must be licensed by the Department of Social Services. Birth mothers choose among interested families. Then the parental rights of both birth parents must be legally terminated, and checks of adopting parents must be successfully completed.

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