Wrongful Death Lawyers in St. Peters, Missouri

A wrongful death case is intended to punish those careless enough to cause a fatal accident and compensate, in some fashion, the left-behind loved ones.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to you if you have lost a family member. There are no words to express such a loss. Aside from your loved one, you may have lost their future wages and support, and paid medical expenses, funeral expenses, and countless other costs. Actual economic losses, as well as noneconomic losses, may be demanded. Let us take care of the legal matters while you take care of yourself.

Wrongful Death

Under Missouri law, when you bring a wrongful death action, you may be thought of as suing on behalf of the deceased. Any pain and suffering they endured is part of what you will demand. In addition, if you have lost the financial support of the decedent, you have a right to sue. If you are another close family member, you may have a right.

Our law firm serves those who have lost loved ones to:

  • Auto accidents
  • Defective machinery
  • Truck accidents
  • Medical errors
  • Poor highway design
  • Dangerous conditions on someone else's property
  • Workplace accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Many other circumstances

Negotiation or Litigation

The negligent party or person, or their insurance company will attempt to pay you as little as possible in a death settlement. Please contact us to help you obtain more than that. There is also a time limit you must be mindful or, or you will not be able to bring any wrongful death action.

At The Gartner Law Firm, we are dedicated to the pursuit of quality client service: responsive service and positive results.

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